Why Dr LapCare?

Dr LapCare technical Institute is run with the help of an intelligent team, which has been active in providing the education on latest technology. It is these intellectual people with the help of whom the chip level repair started. Knowledge sharing practice by these intellectuals has made it possible for all of us to work easily on the component & BGA level repairing.

Training & Certification:

If you really want to make the best out of basic or advance chip level repair, mobile or laptop repair training, then you will have to accept the truth that any type of effort which you put in order to complete any kind of chip level training is completed by the certification. Dr LapCare technical Institute is not only known for providing one of its kind training and learning opportunities, but also it believes in certifying you with something which you really deserve after the completion of the training. Once you go through our wide range of chip level training modules, you will get the complete exposure to the different aspects of theoretical and practical chip level repair.

Experience and Expertise:

Dr LapCare technical Institute is established with a clear vision. It is formed by Mr Zaman Shaikh who has been known for only sharing his vast experience in the field of Advance Chip Level, Laptop, and Mobile repair. Dr LapCare technical Institute has a set of experienced training faculty with hands on experience in the same filed. They not only provide you the comprehensive classroom training, but also share the real time feedback with you. Chip level repair of any kind always stands in need of a real time feedback, performance monitoring and continuous learning. Experience and expertise always go hand in hand with the help of which you will get the best in class training provided by Dr LapCare technical Institute.

Hands-on Practical Exposure:

Along with classroom training, Dr LapCare technical Institute also focuses on providing as much practical training as it can. In this century and in the middle of a highly competitive market, we do know the importance of giving and getting practical exposure. Here at our institute we update our students accordingly to the current and the ever changing demand of the talented and trained engineers in the chip level repair market. Dr LapCare technical Institute actually brings all the students on the same platform where they can share their common thoughts, experiences and real time examples. This in the long run helps our students and working professionals to remain updated with the help of hands on practical knowledge.

Individual Approach:

One thing which has remained unchanged in Dr LapCare technical Institute is its individual approach given to everyone who has come and joined different chip level repair courses. Individual approach is always believed to be one of the best ways which Dr LapCare technical Institute has always provided to its every single student. Students who do not get individual attention while getting trained actually get the overall exposure. This is also helpful in chip level repair courses where students actually need some special attention during training. The individual attention given to its students by Dr LapCare technical Institute is one of the major reasons which helps all our students to develop the required skills.

Technical Support:

Dr LapCare technical Institute is not only known for providing one of the best available chip level repair trainings, but also for providing excellent technical support to all its students. Any kind of chip level or laptop repair training is always meant to be followed by a good technical support. This technical support becomes more important to make aware the students about every single detail of the layout and structure of the components like motherboard, PCB circuits and other electronic components. The overall technical support provided by Dr LapCare technical Institute has become one of its benchmarks and it sets this institute and the students apart from others. This is also one of the really important qualities of Dr LapCare technical Institute which has developed a strong trust with our students.

One of its Kind Courses:

Dr LapCare technical Institute provides you the wide range of basic and advance chip level repair courses at affordable prices which suits your budget. We believe in focusing more on the course curriculum which not only includes the basic understanding of the chip level repair, but also the in depth study of the subject. Another thing which we have been providing to our students from the very beginning of the establishment of Dr LapCare technical Institute is that we keep on updating our students about the technological changes taking place across the global market. Also in the same manner Dr LapCare technical Institute keeps on revising its curriculum as according to the current demand and changes in the market. This differentiates ourselves and the courses which we conduct from others.

Classroom Training:

In order to get a complete grip on the subject matter of the different chip level repair courses, these days it becomes equally important for every single student to go through different classroom trainings being conducted. We at Dr LapCare technical Institute not only conduct classroom trainings just to complete the pre-defined course modules. In addition to it, Dr LapCare technical Institute trains the students specifically in order to enhance and improve the level of understanding of all of them. This type of classroom training involves an individual attention to every student, giving real time feedbacks to them, proper assessment which is followed by the practical training. Following the two way approach, Dr LapCare technical Institute also takes regular feedback from the students as well about the quality of the classroom training being provided to them. This helps us taking corrective measures if required to make the classroom training a different experience altogether for the students.

Market Awareness and Exposure:

In the today’s technological world of ever changing demands, supply and skills, the thorough study of the market, in depth analysis of the technology and its future outcomes has become absolutely important for every student who is taking the chip level training. Keeping into consideration the importance of market awareness and exposure which are meant to be given to the students, Dr LapCare technical Institute provides timely national/international market updates to you on regular basis and also gives different case studies to the students to give them a different exposure about the current market condition. Market awareness and exposure are two very important and fundamental elements to meet the current market demands and skills required. On the top of it these two things also act as the source of continuous learning to the students and to the training institutes.

Group Discussion:

It is always said and believed by the experts that the knowledge sharing and exchange of thoughts hold the top most importance for the students. In the same way; when it comes to different chip level and laptop or motherboard repair training courses, the above mentioned two things actually help students in getting the right training with a right direction. Dr LapCare technical Institute also conducts various group discussions on different topics on chip level repair where students are made to speak their opinions on a particular topic. Dr LapCare technical Institute also adds every single student to a WhatsApp group in which students share their own experience with each other through which the students come to know about the new things about chip level repair. In this way the students share a common platform where they get the chance of increasing and enhancing their knowledge and learning at Dr LapCare technical Institute